Conesol specialises in the design, development and delivery of online learning experiences 


About Us

Conesol is a team of educators, curriculum developers and learning designers who specialise in the design, development and delivery of online learning experiences—from complete qualification programs to bespoke learning solutions— that meet your organisation’s needs.  

We provide a total education design, development and delivery solution to education institutions wishing to offer an online learning experience.  Conesol services can be customized, and are available as a complete package or can be available in their separate parts.

We work in partnership with subject matter experts and industry to create learning solutions that ensure learners 'can do' as well as 'know', ensuring they learn how to learn as part of their engagement with our materials, and learn how to apply learning in their actions. 

Conesol take an innovative approach to curriculum design that not only flips or inverts the classroom presentation as its own outcome, but flips or inverts the whole learning design process.  



We provide solutions that engage.


Our Team

Professor Eddie Blass  Founder

Professor Eddie Blass


Enya Crockford  Professional Writer

Enya Crockford

Professional Writer


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